The Lane's Café

Fancy a bite to eat, why not order some delicious food from our onsite café. We have a range of snacks and meals available throughout the day and we offer many alternatives to suit dietary requirements. Take a look at our menu below to see what we offer!

Breakfast Menu


Beans on Toast £2.75

Scrambled Egg on Toast £2.95

Sausage Sandwich £3.95

Croissant with Jam £1.00

Fruit Toast £0.85

Toast (2 slices) £0.85

Gluten free toast £0.85

Cereal: £1.25

Waffles with bacon: £3.75

Lunch Menu


Jacket Potatoes:   

 Butter: £3.30

 Cheese: £3.50

 Beans: £4.10     

Tuna Mayo: £4.50

Chilli con Carne: £4.50

Extra Toppings £0.65



 Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto: £3.95

 Ham and Cheddar Cheese: £3.95

Chicken and Pesto: £4.50

Toad in the hole: £5.50


Children’s Menu


Tomato pasta with cheese

Toad in the hole 

Chicken Nuggets and Chips

½ Jacket Potato with 2 Fillings

Lunch Box Selection (including a sandwich, drink and 3 further items from the selection


All Children’s meals inc. a soft drink £4.50



Our food contains allergens. Please talk to a member of the café team if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.